Millie’s Cookies: Now in India!

Millie’s is finally HERE!

Have you been feeling the cookie-ness lately? It’s because Millies has come to India! Sweets are the perfect way to celebrate happiness and is there anything better than a cookie?

Millies is a celebration of all things delicious! Since the last 25 years, Millies has been baking fresh cookies all day every day. Millie’s Cookies is a chain of retail bakeries based in the United Kingdom, specializing in cookies, muffins, and hot drinks. It was named after its founder Mario Budwig’s grandmother, Mildred. The company has stores in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Egypt, Malta, Hong Kong and now in India too!

So, Millies now has hands over your weakness. We know It’s really hard to be sad while eating a cookie! And what if we give you happiness in every bite?  Millies has got everything a food lover could possibly ask for. Cookies are the heart and soul of Millie’s Cookies, but we have mastered the art of baking and we have brought in a sweet little shop that has all the food items you will fall in love with.  we’re ecstatic to offer you not only freshly prepared cookies but also muffins, cakes, ice-creams, smoothies and shakes, hot chocolate and so much more!

We use real butter and Belgian chocolate in our cookies for them to be tempting enough. From mini bites to a giant cookie, name it and we’ll bake it!

Life becomes a little better with freshly baked cookies. Doesn’t it?