Pizza has a new face!

Pizza is different now.

As guilty food pleasures go, dipping a spoon (actually, a pinkie finger) into a jar of Nutella is right up there with ripping open a packet of crisps, tipping your head back and shaking the contents straight into your mouth.

It’s unabashedly indulgent!

And think about The crusty exterior and that cheesy aroma, The only dish which we can happily eat 3 times a day without getting bored and our eternal love: Pizza! (drooling already!!)

Now MASH these two together and we have the FREAKY GOOD: Nutella Pizza!

Of all the potential treats and snacks on this island, few set the pulse racing quite like Nutella Pizza! You have to taste it to know what real love feels like.

Cozy dates, crazy parties, chill hangout with friends: You name it and Nutella pizza is the right fit for all.

Bite into the sweet joy of PIZZA!

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