People Who Deserve Tohfa Mithas Ka

That one teacher who gives you amazing marks, no matter what you write.

There has always been one such teacher in our lives. To the world, they are still a teacher, but to us, they are heroes! Heroes who saved us from getting all the ‘sharma ji ki beti ke itne marks aye’ vale lectures. Gift them The Tohfa Mithas Ka and spread a little sweetness in their lives.

The Aunty who sends food packed with love when your parents are out.

It’s time to thank your neighbour for sharing the love and care in the form of food.

Give her the Tohfa Mithas Ka. It’s time to show your love.

Your House Help who cleans up your mess!

Your house help is always up to the rescue. Be the reason for the smile on her face and gift her the Tohfa Mithas Ka!

That one professor who is always serious!

We all have that one professor who never smiles. But a Tohfa Mithas ka is bound to make him smile!

The chai wale bhaiya who makes your tea exactly the way you like it!

Chai is an emotion. From our very favourite Masala chai to the ever soothing Adrak vali chai, our bhaiya has mastered the perfect chai! So while spreading a Tohfa Mithas ka we can’t forget him!

That only colleague you get along with!

They have made your workplace bearable for you, make them smile!

Tell them how special they are to you by giving them the Tohfa Mithas Ka.

Who are the people in your life who deserve the Tohfa Mithas Ka? Share with us in the comment section below!

Don’t forget to spread smiles by gifting them the Tohfa Mithas Ka! 🙂

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