More than a Chocolate!

“Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food. ”


Chocolate is definitely one of the world’s most popular food that’s enjoyed by millions across the globe. It transcends cultures and boundaries and has been around for literally thousands of years. From the ancient civilizations that cherished chocolate in primarily a liquid form, to the modern choco-chip cookies, humans have managed to find countless uses for this wonderful food. Chocolate is ingrained in us to the point where the mention of the word itself is enough to invoke a feeling of happiness and delight.


Mentioned below are 5 of the most unique ways in which chocolate has been used. Read on to find out more


1. As money.

The Aztecs used the cocoa beans as a barter currency to exchange for food or clothes, as well as for preparing a bitter drink, which was made of roasted and ground cocoa beans, mixed with water and spices. It would surely lead to some interesting conversations if chocolate was a currency in modern times. Say what you will, the double chocolate cookie by Millie’s could certainly be used as a currency today!


2. As a brain-booster

If you feel the urge to grab a chocolate bar when you’re suffering from writer’s block or when you’re feeling stressed at work, then don’t stop yourself and indulge. Flavanol, which cocoa is well-known for, is said to help boost blood circulation in the brain — instant mind exercise!

Now we have more reasons to love Millie’s Dark Chocolate Cookie!


3. As a Gourmet Ingredient

Aside from constantly being paired with luxury goods like wine, cheese and decadent fruits, chocolates are now regarded in the food industry as a gourmet ingredient. Chocolates are no longer the strict sweet variety. It is now infused by a number of exquisite flavours like chilli, truffle, gouda cheese, and of course gold.


4. To prevent tooth decay

Sure, chocolates and oral hygiene don’t go hand in hand but hear us out here.

Apparently, a substance from dark chocolate actually works better than fluoride when it comes to protecting your pearly whites. Also, the cocoa butter coats your teeth and prevents plaque from sticking to them. So the next time you grab a cookie from the Pick n Mix box, remember to smile!


5. As Postage

In March 2013, Belgium’s post office Bpost started selling limited-edition stamps that smelled and tasted like chocolate. The five limited edition stamps celebrated the country’s renowned chocolatiers and featured chocolate in all its forms. A team of fragrance and taste experts from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland were involved in creating the collection. Unlucky for us, these stamps were limited edition which means they were only printed in limited quantities.


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