In the Spirit of Christmas!

The sight and aroma of freshly baked rum cakes that looms in the air, give us a cosy realization that Christmas is right around the corner! The preparation that follows after is pure joy; hanging the light up star outside our doorway, decorating the Christmas tree that looks nothing like the ‘Home Alone’ Christmas tree but we decorate it with utmost gusto!

The grown-ups meanwhile print a mental list of all the people to gift those rum cakes to which they got baked at the local bakery and of course you’d add on names of all your friends. In this list, there’s a bunch of people whose name, you mustn’t have heard all year round, but the spirit of Yuletide and the joy of giving makes it hard to ignore them.

As you get closer to 25th, carolers come along with a Santa Claus usually a fat man from your church in the worst Santa costume you’ve ever seen. But oh the charm of them singing Christmas carols together, the sentimental feeling you get during ‘Silent Night’ always gets you. Immediately after, everyone digs into hot coffee, cakes and cookies! Carolling always lifts your spirit and boosts the Christmas-y feel. A couple of days right before Christmas we go around gifting cakes to everyone we know, our colleagues, our friends, our classmates, the family doctor like Santa because the joy you see in people’s face knowing you remembered them during this festive season is what it’s all about! Finally on Christmas Eve, we dress in our best and new clothes and head to church, but of course, it’s less about the mass, because you’re excited about the Christmas lunch and all the people who will bring you gifts or at least give you money. Even family you don’t really like become your favourite because they add to your pocket money. And once the round of gifting and receiving is through, we all sit down for a hearty lunch finished with a round of cookies, cakes and of course coffee!

Some of us aren’t home for this Christmas, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be the sweet Santa and distribute boxes of happiness! Millie’s Cookies has a wide range of Christmas themed baked goodies just waiting for you and grab them gift them to the people have turned into your family over the years. If you are somebody who knows somebody missing Christmas because they are far away from home, grab a box at Millie’s and bring it to them. Even though Christmas at home is the best, doesn’t mean we can’t start new rituals!

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