More than a Chocolate!

“Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food. ”   Chocolate is definitely one of the world’s most popular food that’s enjoyed by millions across the globe. It transcends cultures and boundaries and has been around for literally thousands of years. From the ancient civilizations that cherished chocolate in primarily a liquid form, to […]

In the Spirit of Christmas!

The sight and aroma of freshly baked rum cakes that looms in the air, give us a cosy realization that Christmas is right around the corner! The preparation that follows after is pure joy; hanging the light up star outside our doorway, decorating the Christmas tree that looks nothing like the ‘Home Alone’ Christmas tree […]

How to Devour the Perfect Cookie

Step 1:  Visit the Millie’s Cookies store near you and buy your favorite flavors! (You can now order them too!) Step 2: Slip into something comfortable! Step 3:  Choose your favorite dip! You could dip in a cold glass of milk. The cookie will get softer, sweeter and definitely colder. Or if warm milk entices […]

People Who Deserve Tohfa Mithas Ka

That one teacher who gives you amazing marks, no matter what you write. There has always been one such teacher in our lives. To the world, they are still a teacher, but to us, they are heroes! Heroes who saved us from getting all the ‘sharma ji ki beti ke itne marks aye’ vale lectures. […]

The Weekend Delhi Felt Love!

We went around Delhi to spread love!   Tyohaar ki mithaas toh sharing se hee badhti hai. This Diwali we went around Delhi to make people smile! Spreading joy is such a wonderful way to begin the season of festivals. Our gift was for all the people who we unknowingly rely upon but often forget [...]

Pizza has a new face!

Pizza is different now. As guilty food pleasures go, dipping a spoon (actually, a pinkie finger) into a jar of Nutella is right up there with ripping open a packet of crisps, tipping your head back and shaking the contents straight into your mouth. It’s unabashedly indulgent! And think about The crusty exterior and that […]

Tohfa Mithas Ka: The Ideal Diwali Gift

November is here and the world is busy preparing for the holiday season! We love to create cookies that make us feel nostalgic—and in this season means gathering with family, drinking hot tea and exchanging gifts! It’s that time of the year when everything seems happy and joyful! Cities decked up to look their best, […]

Millie’s Cookies: Now in India!

Millie’s is finally HERE! Have you been feeling the cookie-ness lately? It’s because Millies has come to India! Sweets are the perfect way to celebrate happiness and is there anything better than a cookie? Millies is a celebration of all things delicious! Since the last 25 years, Millies has been baking fresh cookies all day [...]